Maya Riviera Computer Service

Computer Repair service for Riviera Maya, Akumal.

Servicing Akumal, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum, Paa Mul and points in between.

Is your computer not behaving? Something broken? Need help?

Contact MR. Computer in the Riviera Maya for all your computer needs. We can arrange for on site visits or you can drop off your computer for a diagnosis.

These are some of the services we offer:

Operating System optimization - We can make your Windows PC, Mac/Apple, or Linux system run like it was new again.

Operating System upgrade - Upgrading to a new version of your favourite operating system? We can help do it seemlessly.

Updating drivers - An important aspect to consider to keep your computer up to date.

Old Computer to New Computer - Just bought a new computer but want it to be as familiar as your old one? We can transfer all your files and settings so your new computer feels that same as the old one. 

Virus and malware removal - Today its very important to keep viruses and malware away. Not always harmful some can bury themselves into your computer and put a load on your system and drive down performance. Sometimes they work in the background to send critical information to third parties. Either way its a good idea to do a full sweep and rid yourself of these potentially harmful programs.

Backups - We can help set up a backup system for you and protect you from losing your information from crashes or theft or even just plain human mistakes.

Data Recovery - Did you accidentally delete some files? Whether its your computer or camera's digital card, most times we can still get back deleted files. Contact us for more information.

Hardware - Something not working as it should on your computer? Sometimes the fix is fairly simple and straightforward. We can help you out with that. RAM memory upgrades, hard drive replacement, laptop keyboard not working, fans running loud... let us help you. 

Wired/Wireless Network Setup - Needing help setting up your network? Let us help you. Something not working right?  

Printers - Needing to set up a printer in your home or business? We can set it up and even set it up on your network so that its shared throughout your home or business.

Websites - Looking for a website? We can help you with that too.


Feel free to contact us if you have any problems even if they are not covered above. We do our best to make sure your problems go away. 

Contact us now at 984-129-9546 or email.